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Elegant, minimalist and streamlined: our range of modern kitchens use stylish curved counters and drawers, bringing a taste of the future into your home. Our range makes use of large kitchen islands, surrounded by open space, great for dinner parties and cooking together with the family.. When you come home after a long day, you just want somewhere that’s spacious, clear and calming while still being efficient and multi-functional so that you can relax while preparing your dinner.

Modern kitchens is an area in which we particularly excel, and unsurprisingly, we’ve seen modern kitchen designs become very popular throughout Manchester. Among the kitchens we’ve designed, produced and fitted, many of our clients have loved the chance to strike out and be bold with their choices with our modern range. Modern kitchens give you the chance to try something new and find a unique style for your house. This excites us as kitchen designers, and we don’t think the modern aesthetic is going anywhere. We always look forward to meeting with customers interested in bold colours, functional designs, concealed lighting and other facets of modern kitchen designs.


Our range of contemporary kitchens are all about combining personality and practicality. With every contemporary kitchen design we produce, we expect the customer’s own individualism to shine through. Contemporary kitchens vary from a range of different styles, so we always look to your period-preferences for direction to find the right design for you. We make sure that all of our designs make use of intelligent and efficient storage space to keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered.

Beautiful colours like Partridge Grey and Ivory are always popular, as are the classic Rye and Natural. Our beaded and clean-lined style of shaker doors are always a popular choice for contemporary kitchen designs, making the room feel more spacious while adding a touch of elegance and personality. It’s easy to mistake modern for contemporary, but whereas modern kitchens are about bringing the very latest styles and futuristic designs into your home, contemporary kitchens are about homeliness, comfort and expressing your personality. At D2F we don’t think contemporary kitchens age, we think they are unique mementos that capture a unique time within their wonderful designs.

Our Range of...

Traditional kitchens

Our range of traditional kitchens in Manchester and St Annes have been designed around the ethos of warmth, comfort and elegance. They all have a classic style that is sophisticated and beautiful: an antique look that still endures, and so will your traditional kitchen from D2F. Focusing on neutral tones and wooden counters and tops, our traditional kitchen range brings the old into the new, embracing a rustic kitchen aesthetic and designing a practical and flexible kitchen space for you to enjoy.

Traditional kitchens never go out of style, so when you install one you know that it’s a style that is going to last. Our current range has been designed around the warmth of alabaster, oak and stone to create a  kitchen space perfect for relaxing. That’s why our range of traditional kitchens are excellent for use as a dining area or extra living space as well. Because all of our designs are bespoke and fitted to your needs, you can find a layout perfect for you. With our traditional kitchens, we also offer customers the option between shaker or in-frame designed doors, available in a number of different textures. These options are durable and resilient, resistant to the wear and tear of everyday use.


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We believe that the kitchen is the most important room in your house. That’s why at D2F we offer a range of beautifully diverse kitchen styles, from elegant modern kitchens, to warm, cosy traditional styles, and contemporary kitchens bursting with personality. We design every single kitchen we produce with the client’s vision, needs and desires in mind, ensuring that they receive a bespoke service that is completely unique to each and every one of them. Come down to our showroom in Manchester to have a chat, so that we can help you find your perfect kitchen.

A Bespoke Design and Service

As kitchen designers ourselves, here at D2F we love sitting down with a customer and chatting about their vision for a perfect kitchen. We think the kitchen is the most important room in the house: it’s the room in which you cook, eat, socialise and relax. But we’re all very different, and so we want something slightly different from our kitchen space. We welcome every customer down to our showrooms to talk about their ideas so that we can try to find their perfect kitchen design.

Every kitchen that we manufacture and fit has been designed to be bespoke and tailored to the customer’s individual needs. We also offer a free design and quote for every single person interested in one of our kitchens. That means that if you’re thinking of getting a new kitchen, or you’ve moved into a new home and want something fresh, there’s really no reason not to come down to our showroom in Manchester to have a chat with us. We love every opportunity we get to sit down with a potential client and talk to them about their dream kitchen, showing them how we can be the one to create it for them.

D2F furniture is all manufactured in our very own 11,000 sq ft factory built in the North West. That means that not only do we custom design every kitchen we produce, but we actually produce every bespoke part of the kitchen ourselves using our very own specialised process. Owning our own production facilities means that we can stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology and industry developments. We continue to invest in the latest materials and equipment and were the first company in the North West to install the Biesse Rover-A Nesting Cell, a piece of equipment that helps us create every specified product. None of our units are waiting on a shelf for you: everything comes straight out of the factory exactly the way you ordered it.


We don’t think anyone should have to compromise on their dream kitchen. That’s why we offer a range of finance packages to make sure that you can have your perfect kitchen as soon as possible. Whether you’re moving into a new home and want to put your stamp on the place or you’ve been thinking of refitting for a while and want to add value to your home, finance from us can help you.

After you’ve visited one of our showrooms and you’ve decided on your dream kitchen, there’s a quick online application process to complete. If you’re approved, you’ll be asked to pay a minimum 10% deposit. The rest can be paid monthly, either over 12, 18, 24 or 36 months at 14.9% APR.

To be eligible you must be over 18, have lived in the UK for more than 3 years and be able to make regular payments over Direct Debit. Head over to our finance page for all of the financial eligibility requirements in full.

If you’re interested in finding your perfect kitchen, contact us on 0161 327 0353 today, or come down to one of our showrooms for a chat. We look forward to working together to bring your fantastic dream kitchen to life, based upon your individual requirements and personality!

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