Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends For Winter 2018

With winter just around the corner we couldn’t think of a better time to discuss the kitchen design trends that will be taking the industry by storm this coming season. From pops of colour and indoor herb gardens to 70’s-style seating and suspended lighting, you can ensure your kitchen is the talk of the town by implementing any number of these fantastic trends.


Pops Of Colour.

Due to its bright and airy nature, white cabinets and countertops have been a huge trend this year, even if it does make staining them all too easy. This winter, people will be adding pops of colour to their kitchens, moving away from the monotony of all-white and making a statement. Whether you decide to paint your island, add outlandish paintings or accent the walls, you can’t go wrong.

On-trend colours include navy, emerald green and of course, Pantone’s ‘Colour Of The Year’ – Ultra Violet’.


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Can’t Handle It.

If you’re a fan of the minimalist look, then remove your cabinet handles immediately and incorporate cut-out holes in stylish shapes instead. Many are already opting for round-shaped holes or long indents that run along the base of the cabinet doors.


Our Lovely Remo Kitchen










Indoor Herb Garden.

If you love to cook and always insist on having the freshest ingredients, then this trend is for you. Looking just as lush around your island as on the counter or kitchen shelves, this garden ensures convenience when you’re just in the mood for a lemon thyme drizzle cake or a rustic country soup. Bringing the outdoors in, this trend ensures that summer lives on a little longer.

We recommend placing your garden near a window and water source (i.e. your sink) for optimal care.


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Larger Islands.

An island may already be your kitchen’s focal point, but bigger is better this winter. Tying to the minimalist theme, a bigger island provides extra storage space keeping your kitchen clutter-free. Moreover, it gives you a larger working area and gathering point, which is especially useful during the holiday season.


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Best In Brass.

Brass is the metal of the season, due to its warm, vintage tones. Adding elegance to taps, plug sockets, lighting and small appliances, it creates a stylish visual appeal.

Brass handles can also offset this season’s colours beautifully, so if minimalist design isn’t for you, then this just might be.










Let’s Print.

We may be sad to say goodbye to the funky word art that has dominated kitchen accessory décor the past 2 seasons, but it’s being replaced by something even better. Bold florals, black and white prints and even animal imagery is taking their place atop pillows, slip-covers, placemats, vases and artwork. Florals will especially help warm up your kitchen this winter, being that reminder of the beauty arriving in spring.










Woven and Wonderful.

Woven baskets and natural textures are so big this autumn that winter wants them to, and is throwing wooden bowls, plates, vases and accessories into the mix. Working well in traditional kitchen, little wooden touches will add that country-side charm to your kitchen.









Back To Black.

If your appliances are in need of an update, then black and dark matte textures are taking first place over stainless steel. Fitting effortlessly with most kitchen materials, both have long-lasting beauty, naturally reducing the appearance of finger prints, dirt and stains.


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Take A Seat.

The 70’s are back in style this winter with chairs, stools and banquettes reminiscent of this golden era. With rounded shapes, tall legs and retro colours you can’t go wrong.


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Suspended Lighting.

Possibly our favourite winter trend is the reintroduction of suspended, or pendant lighting. Perfect for illuminating areas where concentrated light is needed, these decorative lights can be hung at any height, and come in various colours, shapes and styles.


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