Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 blue

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019

Kitchens have this amazing ability to be both the heart of the home, and one of the most practical rooms in your house, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t also be stylish! 2018’s kitchen trends included all white cabinets and minimalist styling with industrial finishes, but this year’s kitchens and cabinets are set to become more diverse and bolder than ever.


  1.  Shades of Blue

While navy blue cabinets made a splash last year, this year combinations of blues of all shades will take centre-stage. From pastels and bold hues to rich deeper tones, blue can be a calming colour that breaks away from all-white and monochromatic kitchens. It can update a traditional-style kitchen or can be used to add a cheery pop of colour to a more modern room.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 blue

Our Fitzroy Kitchen


  1. Hunter Green

Blue isn’t the only colour hogging the spotlight in 2019. Deep and hunter green tones help create a natural, cosy and warm mood in the kitchen, while brighter greens feel summery and fresh. While an unusual colour for kitchen cabinetry, greens are incredibly versatile, and act as a great alternative to blue tones. If you also have your own mini kitchen garden, green cabinets can help to emphasize the natural beauty that this adds.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 hunter green

Source: Magnet


  1. Copper and Rose Gold

A huge trend last year, and showing no sign of disappearing from our industry in 2019, is copper and rose gold cabinets,  combined with brass and pewter finishes. Metallic accents can warm up and brighten a kitchen, making a statement and reflecting light into your home.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 metal finishes

Source: House and Home


  1. Unusual Hardware

Doorknobs, handles and and hardware are out, in favour of bespoke cut outs, indents and other handleless finishes. These give a clean, uncluttered look to your kitchen and keep everything tucked away and tidy.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 handleless

Our Nuovo Kitchen


  1. High Gloss Finishes

Glossy cabinets are a go to for many kitchen designs, as they add a sophisticated, classic and modern feel to a room. They also help add brightness by reflecting light around the space.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 gloss

Our Remo Kitchen


  1. Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry

Taller cabinets are ideal for giving your kitchen more storage, but can also act as a feature wall, and open up space in the rest of the room. No excuse for not buying that extra pan you know you really need!

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 floor to ceiling

Our Ellerton Kitchen


  1. Dark Greys

Trends are moving towards darker kitchens on the whole, with dark grey cabinets striking a beautiful balance between a stylish room and one that’s too dark. Greys act as a neutral base for pops of colour, or can add texture to more monochromatic rooms. They also complement granite or concrete countertops.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 greys

Our Milbourne Kitchen


  1. Open Shelving

Replacing upper cabinets in your kitchen with open shelving is definitely a big trend for 2019. Open shelving can make your room seem larger and brighter, and allows you to see your belongings more clearly, reducing clutter and making your kitchen more practical. Open shelving can also help create more storage space, passing on the minimalist trends of last year.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 open shelving

Source: Danslelakehouse


  1. Distressed Wood

Distressed wood is one of the most versatile statement finishes in the kitchen. It can update a classic kitchen, add warmth, texture and depth to more modern spaces, and works in both light and dark-toned rooms.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For 2019 distressed wood

Source: Antonio Martins


  1. Matte Black

One of the biggest trends of the year is matte black cabinetry and appliances, creating a darker yet cosier room. Easy to clean, and neutral enough to work in all kinds of spaces, matte black cabinets are a great way to help update your kitchen.

Source: Decoraid


Whether it’s the materials used, the finishes added or the range of colour schemes, kitchens certainly go through their fair share of trends, but the choice you make for your kitchen will always be timeless. To find your perfect kitchen, call us on 0161 327 0353, or visit one of our showrooms in Manchester and St Annes.