Tips to make your bedroom more cosy

It’s getting to that time of the year – jumpers are a bit thicker, scarves are bit heavier and all fabrics seem to be significantly fluffier. With the winter months fast approaching, we’ve collected some top tips on how to make your bedroom a little more cosy.

cosy bedroom

Keep It Tidy

Before you begin adding cosy touches to your bedroom, the first thing that you need to focus on is getting organised. No bedroom can begin to feel cosy if it is untidy and messy. Ensure that all your belongings are neatly tidied away, so all that’s left for you to do is relax in a calm, cosy atmosphere.


There’s No Such Thing As ‘Too Many Blankets’

Blankets, throws and cushions immediately add a cosy texture to your bedroom. With a variety of fabrics, patterns and sizes out there, layering up is a great way to add depth of textures and really give your bedroom a boost of cosiness. Faux-fur and tartan are a classic winter combination that adds a touch of warmth, and Christmas, to your bedroom. If you want to take your blanket collection to the next level, you can even buy bedding that is as fluffy as a blanket – teddy fleece bedding. So you can now have fluffy pillowcases, bed sheets and duvet covers, as well as blankets! This revolutionary range can leave you feeling snuggled up and cosy within seconds.


Keep It Warm

Warm hues and autumnal colours transform the look of your bedroom and add cosiness. You don’t have to go bold on your bedding choice, rather, you can make use of soft furnishings that are easy to change according to the season. By doing this, you’re not limiting yourself to one trend, but can easily shift between autumn and winter colour schemes. A great decor option to opt for is red – versatile, seasonal and warm.


It’s All About Ambience

A cosy vibe isn’t just about the way that your bedroom looks, but also includes all those little touches that you can sometimes forget. Cosy up your bedroom ambience with scented candles, reed diffusers and other small touches. Not only are the winter fragrances perfect for making you feel relaxed and cosy, but the soft, warm lighting of the candles or fairy lights will immediately create a calming atmosphere, especially for those bedtime reads.

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