spring cleaning tips for your kitchen cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

There may still be a chill in the air, but spring is right around the corner! While we’re looking forward to long, sunny days, all that sunlight can highlight the dirt and grime that’s been building up in your kitchen all winter. It’s the perfect time for a spring clean, and we’re about to give you some tips to turn your kitchen from drab to fab just in time for the new season.

Clear Out Your Clutter

The best way to start spring cleaning your kitchen? Cleaning out your cupboards and drawers. Work from top to bottom of your kitchen, keeping a bin bag handy for anything you want to throw away. A spray bottle of cleaner and a damp cloth are all you need to clean and degrease the outsides of your kitchen cabinets – and don’t forget the tops of your cupboards! Once you’ve emptied each drawer and cupboard one at a time, wipe them down, not forgetting the handles, baseboards and cabinet hinges – which can collect greasy dust.

spring cleaning tips for your kitchen declutter

Remove Food Spills Naturally

Cleaning stubborn spills from surfaces and your hob is a great way to ensure your kitchen gleams! There’s no need to buy harsh chemical cleaners though. Make a paste from baking soda and water; the natural abrasive and deodorising qualities will help remove baked-on grease and grime. Wipe down surfaces after using the paste with a damp cloth dipped in hot water.

spring cleaning tips for your kitchen cleaning

Deep-Clean Your Microwave

Something we don’t get around to often enough is cleaning out the microwave; but it’s actually really quick and easy to do. Place a cup of water in your microwave (with a squeeze of lemon juice if you have some) bring it to the boil and then leave it to sit for a minute. The steam will loosen cooked on food, and you can use your baking soda and water paste to remove stubborn spills before wiping clean with a damp cloth.

spring cleaning tips for your kitchen microwave

Clean And Deodorise Your Fridge

Spring is a good time to remove any out of date products from your fridge and give it a really good deep clean. Start by removing the salad drawers and shelves, which you can wash with hot water and washing up liquid. Then wipe down the interior – baby sterilising fluid diluted with cold water is ideal for this, as using hot water can raise the temperature of the fridge.

To clean those awkward grooves in the side of the fridge and the drip hole at the back, use cotton buds. Don’t forget to clean the outside too – dirt can gather on the handle and door of the fridge as well as in the fridge and freezer door seals.

There are plenty of other tasks you can tackle when spring cleaning your kitchen, like using vinegar to clean your windows to a sparkling shine or wiping down kitchen blinds with a damp cloth dipped in gentle detergent. These little tips will help to ensure your kitchen is left sparkling after its spring clean and ready for the sunny days!