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Make The Most Of Your Kitchen This Summer

Summer approaches, and with it an opportunity for you to brighten up your kitchen. We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it makes sense to want to enhance the relaxed and breezy style of summer in the room. With a few small things, you can make your kitchen the perfect place for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the best of seasons. Here are our tips to make the most out of your kitchen this summer.

Bring some of the outdoors inside

Does anything say summer more than flowers in bloom? Placing plants and flowers in key places around the room helps to bring the outside in, breathing fresh life into this all-important room in the house. Everybody associates summer with the outdoors, so the more you do to bring the outside in, the better.

Flowers are a great place to start. Think about getting some colourful summer greenery in the kitchen. Putting some in a vase placed on a windowsill or the kitchen table will immediately make the room feel more summery, with little effort required.

Kitchen gardens is another fun idea. Think about growing some herbs in your kitchen over summer. Make use of the natural light by growing them on the windowsill, and before long you’ll have something that not only brings the smell of summer to your kitchen, but the taste too!

Add a bit of Summer colour

summer colours

You don’t need to redecorate your entire kitchen, but think about adding just a bit of summer colour this season. You’ll get to bring a bit of that summery feeling to the room, while making your kitchen feel refreshed and new.

Summer colours are bright, fresh and cool. Think about your favourite summer flowers and use those for inspiration. If you have some spare time, the approach of summer is a great opportunity to redecorate the kitchen, but just giving the cabinets a quick lick of paint will help lighten the room and capture a bit of the great outdoors.

Make the most of the natural light

In summer the days are longer and brighter. You can harness the natural light of summer to make your kitchen feel more bright and airy. Open your windows, throw back the curtains and let the air in. Clearing the kitchen of clutter will help the air move around and make the room feel more spacious.

We recommend finding mirrors for your kitchen. Mirrors will help make the kitchen feel spacious at any time of year, but in summer they reflect the natural light around the room, really enhancing that bright summer feeling.

Keep stocked up with cold drinks and snacks

cold drinks

Whether you’re cooking by yourself or entertaining guests, keeping cold drinks and snacks around the kitchen is a great way of staying cool and making the most of your kitchen in the summer.

People get overheated in the summer months and will love it if you can offer them some snacks to help them cool down. As well as stocking the fridge with cold drinks, think about preparing some fruit snacks for people to pick at. Watermelon pieces and cucumber slices are great choices to keep yourself and your guests refreshed.

Embrace no-cook dinners

Using the oven generates a lot of heat in the kitchen, and during summer this can quickly become uncomfortable. Think about embracing some no-cook meals like cold soup and salads. Not only are these meals perfect summer foods anyway, but making them will actually help to keep the temperature down in your kitchen!

Get out some summery crockery

So you have your cold snacks and cold meals – everything you need to keep you and your guests refreshed and satisfied. Now, why not find something summery to serve them in? Add a splash of colour to your kitchen with some bright patterned bowls and plates. Not only will they look great for the presentation of your food, but they’ll further enhance that colourful summery vibe that you’re looking for.

We can’t wait for summer here at d2F. If you’re looking for some more inspiration in getting your kitchen ready for the warm season, why not have a look at our range of sleek and stylish cabinets. We have plenty of fresh and cool colours to choose from! While you’re looking, we have some great cabinet design ideas for 2019, so have a look and maybe find a bit of inspiration. Contact us on 0161 327 0353 to help bring a bit of summer into your home!