Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

What is feng shui, and why should you try to use it in your bedroom? It’s the ancient Chinese principle of using the space around you to control the flow of chi. Modern feng shui is all about how you can arrange your living spaces to create a calm, relaxing environment.

Your bedroom is where you sleep, relax and rest, so being thoughtful about the room’s arrangement is vital to your health and well-being. A bedroom with good feng shui is also said to improve the bond between couples. So, for the sake of better, more restful sleep and a boost to your relationship, here are our easy, practical tips for a good feng shui bedroom.

Bed Placement Is Everything

For those who use modern feng shui, one of the common starting points is the placement of your bed. According to feng shui principles, having a view of your bedroom door from your bed while not being too close gives a sense of safety and relaxation. The foot of the bed shouldn’t point towards the door either, so arranging your bed diagonally across from your bedroom door is seen as conducive of good energy.

Beds with solid headboards are favoured for good feng shui, and it’s said that the head of your bed should always be up against a wall, not a window. Having space both under the bed and on both sides is seen to achieve good chi flow around the room. There’s a lot that goes into it, but basically when arranging your bedroom you should prioritise giving yourself space so that when in bed you feel free and comfortable.

Use Soothing Colours For Good Feng Shui

According to good feng shui, warm ‘skin colours’ are ideal for your bedroom because they are thought to soothe and calm. Colours such as cream, peach, beige, tan or cocoa are high on the list for increasing good energy with your room design. Our range of contemporary kitchens uses similar warm tones to emphasize relaxation and create an area of safety and comfort in your home.

If you’re thinking of redecorating or you’re moving into somewhere new, now is the perfect time to think about using feng shui in your bedroom’s colour scheme.

Minimise The Clutter

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Feng shui is all about finding tranquility and peace, so it goes without saying that a cluttered and messy bedroom is said to disrupt your chi and create negative energy. In the principle of feng shui, clutter can disturb your sleep and stop things from moving forward in your life.

This means that cluttered tabletops, piles of books on your bedside table, clothes scattered on the floor, and overstuffed drawers are all potentially harming your rest and peace of mind in your bedroom. It counts where you can’t see it as well, so clear your room of clutter and make sure that all of your storage is neat and tidy too.

Keep Out The Electronics

For good feng shui, make your bedroom a space free from computers, televisions, exercise gear and even phones if possible. If you’re somebody who works from a desk in your bedroom, consider the possibility of rearranging. Electronics and exercise gear are said to distract your thoughts and damage your rest and energy.

Electronics and fitness equipment can bring the stress and responsibilities of work into your bedroom space. They can distract and worry you in the place in which you should be resting and relaxing. If you absolutely need these things in your room, consider hiding them when not in use. Covering screens in a cloth is a great, easy way of adding just a little more good energy to your room.

Use Air And Light To Find Good Energy


When designing your bedroom space, you’ve probably already thought a lot about air and light. Good feng shui considers both to be crucial in finding the right flow and energy for you. Taking time each day to open the blinds and windows to let natural light and fresh air pass through your room is a great habit to get into.

Essential oils and fragrance oils can be great for allowing a powerful, relaxing airflow in your room, but we recommend finding yourself a good air purifier for the best energy flow. Air purifiers promote fresh air and good health, making it great for your sleep pattern and relaxation.

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