Bedroom Style Tips That Work In All Seasons

Your bedroom is a personal and private space where you want to relax, rest and sleep. Redecorating can be a time-consuming and tiring affair, and a lot of popular bedroom styles seem to focus on getting the most out of a particular season. Here at D2F we understand that not everyone finds it easy to keep their bedroom updated with the season. With that in mind, here are our style tips for a few small things you can do to your room that will work all year! 

A Bed You Can’t Resist

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed itself. It’s the most important part of the room and most people are sick of hearing from the doctor how crucial a good night’s sleep is for your health. But it’s true: the quality of your day is determined by the quality of your sleep at night. That’s why you want a bed that is warm and inviting throughout the year, so you can’t wait to snuggle up and get your beauty sleep!

There are a lot of styles out there and the one you choose is going to be dependent on your own preference and available space. If you’re not sure what kind of bed you’d like for your room, why not pop down to our showroom for a chat? We can help offer some advice, and you’ll get the chance to see the bed in person before deciding which is right for you! 

Colours To Soothe And Relax

Here at D2F we love soothing wall colours for the bedroom. The right colours can create a sense of serenity and relaxation, which is something we all need for our bedroom throughout the year. Warm ‘skin colours’ such as cream, peach, beige, tan or cocoa are known for having a gentle effect on the mind, soothing and encouraging sleep. The best part is that these tones work all year-round as well!

Colour can have a big impact on your mood, and we recommend steering away from purples or bright greens which can be jarring and over-stimulating. If you’re interested in finding a soothing color palette for your bedroom decor, our range of contemporary bedrooms use these kinds of warm tones to help you relax and get comfortable in your home.

Get Personal

Your bedroom is the most intimate room in your house. It’s your private sanctuary and it’s probably the room you spend the most time in. This means that adding a touch of your own personality and capturing some of your unique character in your bedroom decor can be a powerful way of styling the room to suit you all year-round. 

Family photographs are a lovely addition to any bedroom, as is furniture passed on to you by family members. Throw aside traditional style rules for a moment and simply add things that you love. If you have a particular Moroccan rug you adore that might not fit with the rest of the room, for example, just include it anyway! If there’s a poster or painting you love that is a totally different style to everything else on your walls, hang it up just to see how it looks! A unique mix of styles that reflects your own passion and personality will result in bedroom decor that will work for you at any time of year. 

Contact Us

If you’re looking for some more inspiration in making your bedroom soothing, inviting and personal, why not take a look at our range of modern, contemporary and traditional bedrooms. Or come down to our showroom in Manchester for a chat, because we love to talk all about good bedroom design and furniture. Contact us on 0161 327 0353 to help find a bedroom design to suit you all year-round!